3 Signs Your Cat Is Sick

If you're wondering about the signs of your cat being sick, you're probably doing so because you are noticing strange behavior in your cat. However, you may not know the specifics of spotting if something is wrong with your cat. Take a look at the biggest signs that your cat is not feeling well.


If there's one thing everyone knows about cats, it is that they are meticulous when it comes to their grooming. If you notice that your cat is looking disheveled and unkempt, there may be something wrong. 

Your cat may have stopped taking care of their fur because they are fatigued or uncomfortable when they do so. You will want to investigate this because it's a big signal that something is wrong with your pet.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is also another clear indicator that something is wrong with your cat. You may notice that your cat has lost their appetite and they are not eating, leading to weight loss. Your cat may not be eating because they are experiencing pain. 

The type and severity of the pain are something that you can only guess about. If you notice that they appear to be in pain or are losing weight, it is best to take your cat to the vet to find out what is wrong. 

On the opposite of that, you may notice that your cat starts to gain a lot of weight as well. If you notice any kind of bloating or abdominal swelling, you need to take your cat to the vet. They may have a tumor or be having trouble with their kidneys.

Eyes and Ears That Look Strange

If you notice that your cat's eyes are starting to look cloudy or the pupils are becoming different sizes, then this is cause for concern. Another thing you should be on the lookout for is discharge from the eyes as this may indicate that they have some kind of infection

Check your cat's ears as well to see if anything unusual is happening. If you notice any discharge coming from these areas, this is problematic and you should contact your vet.

If you see any of these three signs, it indicates that something is wrong with your cat and you need to take action to get them to a local animal hospital — such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital. Most diseases if they are caught early can be treated. Early intervention can be achieved by simply getting medical attention for your cat as soon as you notice anything unusual.