Be Alert for These Signs That Your Rabbit Has a Hairball

Like many other animals, rabbits spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Frequent licking can cause them to consume their own hair, which can be problematic if it occurs in large amounts. This is because rabbits aren't capable of vomiting. Whereas a cat can throw up if it consumes too much of its own hair, a rabbit doesn't have this ability. When the animal has too much hair in its digestive system, medical intervention will be required. An important aspect of rabbit pet care is noticing if it has a hairball in its digestive system so that you can take the animal to a local animal hospital to receive care. In particular, you should watch for these signs that can indicate this problem.

Changes In Its Droppings

You should have a clear idea of roughly how many droppings your rabbit produces over the course of a day and of what consistency the droppings are. When you notice a sudden change in either of these things, it can often be indicative of the rabbit having too much hair in its digestive tract. For example, you may notice that the rabbit isn't going to the bathroom nearly as often throughout the day. Or, you might be aware that its droppings, which are normally fairly hard, are soft in texture.

Constant Shifting

When rabbits have discomfort in their digestive systems, they'll often shift their bodies in an effort to relieve the pain or be able to sit comfortably. If you spend a lot of time around your rabbit, this shifting will stand out because it's not typical behavior. For example, when the rabbit is sitting down, it may shift from side to side or constantly get up and sit back down. This behavior, especially if it coincides with some noticeable changes in the rabbit's droppings, can indicate the presence of hair and necessitate help from a veterinarian.


Most rabbits, provided that they're in good health, tend to be energetic animals. If a rabbit has a large living space, it will happily spend a lot of its time hopping around. The discomfort from hair in your rabbit's digestive tract can often cause the animal to become lethargic. For example, you might notice that it spends a lot of time in the same part of the room, rather than moving around throughout the day. A hairball is a serious situation for any rabbit, so call your local animal clinic and expect that you'll soon have an appointment to see one of the veterinarians.